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Pinus pinea - Italian Stone Pine​​

An interest developed in 'Pinus pinea' many years ago as I was given a handful of seeds, I didn't know what they were back then, they germinated, I liked the look of these seedlings and made an investment in more seed and ended up with five thousand trees.

I had a conversation with a lady from Denmark that asked about my trees and she said they grew around ​70,000 per year - one year old plants were decorated and placed on their tables at Christmas, I thought to myself what a novel idea.

After growing my trees for two years I soon discovered they were pine nuts, wasn't long before word got out and they were sold throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

I started growing more trees in 2019, just a few hundred and this year 2020 I have 1000 trees. I'm in the process of updating the descriptive card I give out to the new pine nut tree owners.

In future will add a few supporting web pages with growing tips for your plants, a photo gallery & some recipes to tempt your taste buds.