Ablazajade - specialist grower of jade plants in New Zealand.

Jade’s ability to adapt to bright filtered light, drought and low humidity makes many jade varieties good container plant specimens for indoors

. The green jade varieties are the best suited to the lower light conditions often experienced indoors responding with even larger, glossy dark green leaves. Coloured varieties are sometimes less robust, requiring higher light and warmer temperatures to maintain their colouration so often revert to green shades because of lower ultraviolet light indoors.

Jades respond very well to being pot-bound and once established seldom need repotting often for many years. Quite large specimens often thrive in disproportionally small containers. As jade plants mature into ‘trees’, their branching, stocky and compact habit of growth makes them resemble highly ornamental bonsai trees.

Indoors they do best when placed near a sunny window because of their need of four hours or more of direct sunlight each day for best growth. In order to keep jades symmetrical turn plants regularly so all sides receive adequate light. Jades will also survive extended periods of light shade or bright indoor lighting provided surrounding conditions remain dry, warm and airy and they are not over-watered or chilled. Growth will probably be less and not nearly as robust. But if the idea were to simply maintain the potted jade in its present condition for several months before moving it into a better spot for recovery and regrowth, the jade makes a near perfect indoor plant.