Ablazajade - specialist grower of jade plants in New Zealand.

Crassula ovata " Kapiti Sunset "

A native to South Africa, needing good light, a minimum temperature of 5c and not too much watering.

The money plant is a succulent and as it stores water in it's leaves so that it can withstand drought in it's native, dry habitat.

Great for containers in warm sunny spots, outdoors on patios, entrances, decks and courtyards.

Jade plants are often found in many Chinese restaurants and homes, this thick, leafy, luminescent beauty features oval-shaped leaves and with maturity turns into a variance of colours from butter gold deepening into bronzy red.

When placed in the southeast portion or the garden or home; it's it's said to bring prosperity and improved income - like an emerald gemstone.

Feng shui ( pronounced " fung schway " is the ancient Asian philosophy that everything around you and me affects us - colours of rooms, furniture placement, locale of home, and indeed, the types of plants and flowers we place in our space.

The feng shui-basics are the red-toned plants are Ma Nature-motivators for increasing health and physical energy; yellow buds bring clear thinking and the ability to state your case and thoughts.

You don't need to be a master gardener or Ma Nature-buff to enjoy feng shui flora and fauna. Just play with the basic principles and ...grow with the flow.

Grows 60cm x 1m tall.


in order to bring happiness into one's home, surrounding gardens and landscapes, one must reflect and titillate Ma Nature.